This is the third book review I posted a review for. While it’s one of the books I’ve read this year, it’s the last book I read about 6 years away; so I’ve just re-read it and I post the following review on Amazon and GoodReads on

January 23, 2014

By Micki Peluso

I’m fortunate to have met Micki Peluso and her charming husband Butch at a book signing at a Barnes & Noble in her hometown where I purchased an autographed copy of “And the Whippoorwill Sang” a few years.

I truly enjoyed reading this book. The book is a roller coaster of emotions, you laugh one moment, the next you sigh and then you cry, and back again. You start off in the emergency room of the hospital the fateful night her daughter got struck by a drunk driver; you’re then flung into the past as Micki and her future husband Butch are planning their elopement. You’re then flung back to present to a crucial point as the family are waiting to hear the next development concerning her daughter. The repetitious nature of flashbacks adds to emotions as one reads this book.

The story is one many families can relate to especially if they’d also suffered through having a family member killed by some drunk driver who didn’t know he/she shouldn’t have been on the road and especially at night.

The book has received an accolade when it got reviewed on Page 5 in the Spring 2008 issue of MADDvocate [official magazine of MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Drivers] by John McEvans – MADD National Victims Services Training Manager

This book is a must read, even for people who don’t usually read memoirs.