I wanted so much to keep the promise I made in my last post, however it appears this hadn’t been in my cards. I had a sudden onslaught of people wanting to and becoming my friends on GoodReads; I reply to each one individually. As I said in that post I’d just started to read “Sophie’s Turn” by Nicky Wells; well I finished reading it on January 31st and post a 4 Star review on Amazon. Decided to take a breather yesterday so naturally today I’ve got a backlog of over 250 items to check out/read in my mailboxes.

With my keeping the New Year Resolution I made, I’m going to start posting all of my book reviews on my blog here, as well as my duplicate blogs on Webs.com and on BlogSpot.com

Hope to start reading everyone’s comments again.

Have a GREAT WEEK 🙂  🙂 🙂