I’ve been quite busy writing and other endeavors this week, so much so I almost forgot my posting my response to the prompt Lillie McFerrin gave us for this week.  My response this week serves two purposes.  One, it has given me something to respond here with. And two it has given me another opportunity to make my sixth contribution to a fund raising anthology which has HIV/AIDS as one of its themes.



“Oh! What fools we’d been in our youth,” said Jennifer.

“We thought we’d made it, being able to buy all the drugs we wanted, and still being able live the life rich people do.”

“We never seem to worry about sharing needles and other drug paraphernalia, nor did we fear catching any disease.”

“But here I sit today, alone, with a huge ACHE in my heart, for I’ve just buried my long suffering soul mate, a victim of the dreaded AIDS virus.”

“Oh, if I could but turn back the hands of time, back to the days of flower children, peace and love; but this time it would be without any of the drugs we had indulged in the first time.