I’ve been quite amiss lately posting my responses here.  I’ve written my responses, however I got sidetracked with all my other daily tasks I forgot to post them.

My response this week is serving two purposes. First, it’s my response to Lillie’s prompt word of SUNSHINE [this is the first time I’m actually not using the word in my response, but solely as a prompt].  Secondly, I’ll be submitting this for consideration for a fund raising anthology with HIV/AIDS as one of its themes. I’ve already submitted 6 of my FSSs, five with a little tweaking]

This FSF will be the first I’m submitting for the anthology’s second theme, Gay/Lesbian relationships.

As you can tell from all my previous responses is something I usually don’t write.

See my previous post, “FINAL CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS” for information regarding the anthology I’ve referred to. DEADLINE = March 1, 2014

 A Truly Special Double Wedding

It had been a dreary, cloudy day when  Jack, Jonathan, Chelsea and Blair decided to wed with a dual wedding ceremony.

When the happy couples finally walked down on a pure white linen path under arches of brightly colored balloons, the sun still hadn’t shined.

There, at the makeshift altar at the end those standing in for their parents waited for the couples to arrive on a gorgeous manicured lawn beneath a canopy of trees.

Each couple then said their personally written vows to each other, leaving no one present with a dry eye.

Finally when the happy couples; Jack, the nurse kiss his now lifelong companion Jonathan, the hairdresser; and Chelsea, the construction worker kiss her now lifelong companion Blair, the semi-truck driver the sun broke through the grey skies as two white doves flew silently overhead.