I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks with a number of writing endeavors. However, this week I’d made a commitment not to wait until the last minute to write my response.  For the next few days I’m going to attempt to catch up with responding to all those I’ve missed for those prompts I’d responded to.  So for my response this week I’ve decided to write something which many of might have had to endured with the recent snowstorms. So here is my response to furious.


Chelsea has already been a hard working committed civil servant at the local welfare center seldom missing a day there except for her vacations.

However last week on Friday when her town got hit with a huge almost blizzard-like snowstorm she left home 90 minutes early so she could be there at her 9:00 AM start of her shift since the radio newscaster said all town offices will be open.

No matter which way she tried to go in her SUV accidents prevented her moving anywhere for several minutes at a time.

Eventually, travelling only has fast as 15 miles per hour she arrived at her office after driving for almost three hours only to find they’d posted a sign ten minutes earlier reading: “The office will be closed today due to the weather.”

Chelsea had no problem with what happened; that is until Monday when she got furious because they’d marked her absent with a day of leave time lost and had no recourse but to start a lengthy fight to get the day back with the aid of her union.