This past week has been quite fruitful.

To begin with I’ve actually begun writing the YA Fantasy romance I’d mentioned last week when I stated I’m merely creating an outline for it.  From the looks of things, this endeavor will in all probability will develop into a novella of about 34,000 to 37,000 words. Right now the stats are one-and-a half chapter completed, with seven pages and approximately 1,750 words, which now brings the total numbers of WIPs I’m working on at the same time to four.

When I mention my stats I mean what each of endeavors would look like if it actually had been a book: Single-spaced, 6” x 9” inch pages with book-looking margins, appropriate page headers and numbers on each page].

In addition, after over three months of dormancy I’ve finally made progress in my second WIP, an adult Contemporary with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline, entitled “His Darkest Secret.” In the past week I’ve managed to write an entire chapter consisting of five pages and almost 1,500 words; which bring the total for his endeavor to a total of 35 Chapters, 239 pages with approximately 69,875 words.

My anthology of Flash Fiction is up to 79 items with 4 new ones having been written in the past week.

For my third project, “It Had All Been a Game”, I’ve completed a second chapter, which brings the stats to two completed chapters, 18 pages and approximately 5,840 words.