I truly loved writing my response to Lillie’s prompt word on her website for this week of “COMPANION.” I’d loved to read your comments on this one.

The Truth is Finally Revealed

For some reason I’ve never been the marrying type of person, perhaps it had been for a fear of being committed to one person, and only one person.

However, when I heard Michael’s sweet, devoted wife died suddenly from ovarian cancer thirty years ago, I felt he needed someone.

I didn’t do much, but clean his house, cook an occasional meal, kept him company when he wanted to go to a restaurant; and I never ever slept with him in the same bed.

This morning I received the tragic news from his only daughter that he’d died in his sleep.

And now, I’ve finally realized the truth; that although he’d never been my husband for the past thirty years; he’d always been my sole COMPANION.