Another week is here and Lillie McFerrin has once again posted a new prompt word for which her readers are to write a Five Sentence Fiction.  This week Lillie has given us “WHIMSICAL” as this week’s prompt, and here is my response:

The Purple Alien

Helen, after spending a few hours at her gym and exercise class, went to get her hair cut and styled at the popular neighborhood hair salon.

The occasion had been for a Halloween where she’d planned to go dressed as Cinderella.

Running late and still dressed in a skin-tight white exercise bodysuit and matching slippers she quickly left the salon to walk to her car in the nearby lot.

Overhead, a painter knocked over a new large can of purple paint which unfortunately poured all over Helen as she walked over below.

Not knowing what else to do she walked into the party still covered head to toe in the purple paint, where she won the prize for best costume for coming as an alien from another planet.