I’d would have responded sooner but I’m now in a great support as you probably tell from my previous post entitled “WEEKLY STATUS REPORT # 7.”


Anyway for my response this week for Lillie’s prompt word of “FEATHERS,” I’ve decided to return to the acrostic format I’ve done so many times previously.

Patience Has Its Rewards

FErn has enjoyed her summer job at the local zoo for several years.

AT one end of it you had all the wild animals like lions, bears, giraffes and elephants.

HEre and there you might spot one of the ten peacocks which had free range at the zoo.

Roaming through the zoo Fern’s job included helping its visitors helping help in find the animals they came to see.

Saturday Fern finally found her 25th peacock feather, enabling her to complete the open fan of feathers on the wall of her room she started on the first day of her summer job ten years ago.