With a week of not getting a new prompt word from Lillie, I think this week’s prompt of “VACATION” is quite appropriate.


Several years ago Jennifer and Michael finally kept their promised to take their two children for a winter vacation in New York City, a trip which had been well prepared for; including all the warm clothing they’d bought.

The trip there had been an exciting experience for Joseph and Nadia since they’d never flown before.

Once in New York, most their stay had gone just the way everything had been planned.

However, a “blizzard” struck; all the sights they’d planned to see the last two days, all the shows they’d planned to see got cancelled, and all the public transportation ceased to operate.

To make matters worse everyone got stranded at the airport for more than a day, wearing the same clothes, and missing important things at school and at work; which now made their wonderful vacation, nothing but.