Here we another week and another prompt word from Lillie. This week she’s given us the prompt “FREEDOM” on her website [] to write our Five Sentence Fiction. And this week I’ve decided to once again use an acrostic format in which to write my response. Adding to the difficulty is the THREE letters I had to use which began the final fifth sentence. I’d would love to read everyone’s feedback this week. THANKS


F ledgling romance Author Cindy Madison had always dreamt of meeting a romance author who’s famous.

R eceiving an invitation from Liz Whippet she didn’t hesitate to meet for some coffee and pie at Liz’s home.

E ntering the abode she got enthralled by the furnishings.

E leven hours later she woke to find ten other women slaving away at computers writing romance stories of every genre.

DOM inating the room she saw an Amazon with a whip continuously yelling, “Finish typing those five romances if you want ‘The Mistress’ to give you your FREEDOM.”

[The names use here at purely fictitious. Any connection with anyone living or dead is pure coincidence.]