This week for the prompt word Lillie McFerrin has given us “ANCHOR” with which we’re to write our Five Sentence Fiction.  This is my response which I’ve written using an acrostic format for the prompt word.

The Bride Gets What She Asked For

ANne and her millionaire adventurer husband Michael spent their honeymoon on his luxury yacht “The Happiness.”

Choosing to cruise the inland coastal waterway system they experienced an extremely smooth trip.

Having never been on a yacht Michael allowed her to take the wheel of his as he continuously kept a watchful eye on every move she made.

Ordinarily he’d never allowed it to happen, however he couldn’t refuse his new bride anything she’d asked for, especially on this, their honeymoon.

Reaching the widest point in the portion of the costal waterway they were in, they dropped ANCHOR after having their lunch to sun themselves peacefully on the highest deck of his yacht.