Despite my sincere desire to get some real progress made on my projects, things didn’t go as planned.

Last  Sunday my OH and I spent most of the day at a community street fair near where we lived, so naturally after walking around for over four hours one does tend to get tired. 

Monday I spent most of the day cleaning up over 500 emails which had accumulated since Saturday night. Which included replying to items on Twitter, FaceBook friends, and Linkedin connections. Tuesday meant being involved being involved with community events, etc.  This is not to mentioned the work I need to do at least twice each day in regards to the LinkedIn groups I Own, Manage, and Moderate. 

Wednesday the entire day 10 – 5 my OH accompanied me to the annual luncheon from my union’s retirees club. Thursday I wrote about three pages/800 words for my YA Urban Fantasy, The Secret of the Well, when I realized a character I had might have disappeared somehow.  Friday I wrote another Flash Fiction, and after double checking my count I now need to write only one more to reach my goal of 100 Flash Fictions for my anthology.  The weekend got taken up with a movie, and shopping at a giant mall about 45 minutes away.  So naturally my progress on my writing projects slowed down to a crawl, with emails, etc piling up.   And today Monday, I succeeded in clearing up over 90% of all my backlogs. And once I’ve finished the remaining 10%, I’m going to double my commitment in getting progress resumed in everything I’ve got to do.

THANKS for your patience, and have a GREAT WEEK in whatever you do. !!!  🙂 🙂 🙂