Well if finishing the writing of my Flash Fiction anthology and beginning the self-editing process; or writing my YA Urban Fantasy as well as my adult Contemporary isn’t enough, I’ve discovered I love to write Haikus, and I’m now searching the internet to find blogs, websites, etc. where I can respond to a prompt or another Haiku by writing one of my own. So with this new genre to write in I’ve decided to compile an anthology consisting of about 400 Haikus. As of the writing of this report, I’m already written 31 of them, or 7.75% of my desired target. Not bad considering I’m doing it for only a week.

As for my other going projects, I’ve done another round of self-editing of His Darkest Secret by searching for what I call “demon” words. When I search for “NOT” I found 40 which could form a contraction with the preceding word. Each time I found one which did I quickly gazed at the surrounding for possible additional editing. The total word count got reduced to approximately 76,775. Then I moved to the word “THAT”, when I began I had 375 of them, now halfway through the manuscript, I’m down to 185 of them, increasing the word count by 275 to a total of 77,050. Each time I eliminated one “THAT” I also mentioned to tighten up what I’d written around the sentence it appeared in.

I really wanted to write more, however, the cat my OH and I have owned for almost 19 years, died at age of about 20 as he slept on Sunday. We’re having him cremated on Tuesday with his ashes being buried on Wednesday.

Hopefully, I writing this week will help me deal with his loss; and this coming weekend we’ll look in getting another cat from a nearby shelter.