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My first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost” is now in KINDLE Countdown mode until 7/28/14 11 PM [PST].  [US]

The Countdown will be in the UK next week because of scheduling restrictions for this book for the KINDLE Countdown.

The book has an average of 4.2 STARS for the reviews and will make for a great summertime read for yourself, your daughter of any young girl in your family.


Last week became a totally nonproductive one for me.  Sunday/Monday I spent clearly out my email boxes on have wound up with nothing in any of the 3 mail categories.  Then my OH had a slight injury and I played nursemaid on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Thursday time to catch up with my email again. Now comes Friday and my OH decides to take time off to have a restful 5-day weekend going back to work today Wednesday.  We enjoyed resting, going to a large mall, eating out, etc.  We also adopted a new “fur child” on Monday which meant staying home on Tuesday watching to making sure our older “fur child” and our new one didn’t get into any fights. 

Our new guy is an angel as he didn’t do anything when the female we’ve had for almost a year continuously hissed at him. Today became another catch-up day as well as a busy day for promoting the KINDLE Countdown for my book [see above]

THANKS for being a follower here on my blog and your kind support !!!  🙂 🙂 🙂



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This week Lillie McFerrin gave us the prompt of “PAGES.”  So this week I’ve decided to respond my giving a micro-bio of my writing endeavors.

What To Write As My Response ???

Here I sit at my computer, an aspiring author of romance, racking my brains of what to write next on the blank screen in front of me.

I once had started to write a Contemporary romance novel for several without any success in getting something I felt would be good enough to self-published.

Finally, I took the advice of someone to write something for a younger audience, and wound up writing a YA Paranormal romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”

I followed this with several projects, I’ve now got an anthology of Flash Fiction I’m editing; a YA Urban Fantasy entitled “The Secret of the Well, which is now a sequel to my first novel; a total rewrite of my unsuccessful attempt at writing romance which is now entitled “His Darkest Secret,” and finally I’m now writing Haikus, with the hopes of compiling another anthology.

The problem I’ve got at this very moment in what to write on the blank page in front of me as my response to Lillie’s prompt word this week of “PAGES”



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This past week started off slowly, had some loose ends I’ve neglected to take off for some time. Yes, I do have a life outside of my writing. One which had been to approve the grave marker design for recently departed cat.

Not having written anything for the past few weeks for my YA Urban Fantasy novella, The Secret of the Well, I had to re-read the last four chapters to refresh my memory of what I need to write next. So after this slow start I’m happy to say by the end of the week, I’ve made substantial progress in writing it in three days. This week I’ve been able to write 4 Chapters consisting of 14 pages and about 4,300 words; bring the total to 19 Chapters, 77 pages and approximately 23,900 words which is about 75% of I’ve intended to write for this endeavor.

The self-editing of my adult Contemporary romance, His Darkest Secret has been place on the back burner as I concentrate on my other writing endeavors.

My Haiku anthology now stands at 62 or 15.5% completed. I’m still searching for sites where I can find Haiku prompts. I’m still planning to sort the Haikus I’ve written into categories to their readings somewhat more enjoyable once I search 100 of them.

This week, I’ve also begun the somewhat tedious project of reviewing my Flash Fictions checking for what can be best described as cohesiveness and by the end of the week I’ve completed about 15% of this task.  



Well with our cat dying Sunday as he slept, he was almost 20 years old and had diabetes for the past 6+ years. Late Sunday morning my OH and I brought him to the pet cemetery in a box he loved to lay in. We had cremated on Tuesday, and buried in ashes on Wednesday. Thursday I went back to the cemetery on Thursday to order the granite grave marker. So naturally, as you’ve probably surmised, my writing this week took a back seat to all these emotionally draining events.

Even so I still managed to get a few things accomplished.
As for my other going projects, I’ve finished searching for the word “THAT” as part of my self-editing of His Darkest Secret. Since last week I reduced the total number of this word by another 116, reducing the total number of times it’s used down to 69 from the original 375. The total number of words has increased slightly to 77,075.

I also really need to get back into the routine of writing something each day for my YA Urban Fantasy, The Secret of the Well, by the middle of August. Right now I set to begin writing about the second cycle of three which the ancient prophecy mentions.

My Haiku anthology now stands at 56 or 14.0% completed. I’m constantly searching for sites where I can find Haiku prompts. Once I search 100 Haikus written, I’m going to try to sort them into categories.

I’ve completed the simple portion of the self-editing process for my Flash Fiction anthology by using SpellCheck/GrammarCheck. Next week I’m going to start a detailed review of each of the 100 Flash Fictions I’ve written, making sure there’s no issue regarding the contents; i.e. there’s logically no problems.



This is the second time I’ll be responding to the Haiku prompt from the Haiku Horizon blog site. This week’s Sunday prompt word is “PARTY” and here is my Haiku response.

Annual birth rite
Strangers come together here.
Big party to have.



Well I’ve completed compiling my anthology of 100 Flash Fictions and I’ve recently found a few blog sites on which their owner writes Haikus to which I respond in writing my own. Haikus is a Japanese form of poetry, highly structured, consisting of 3 lines containing a total of 17 syllables. The 17 syllables are broken down into the 3 lines in the following manner 5 – 7 – 5.  I’ve just found a site  [ ]

similar to the one I write my Five Sentence Fiction responses. The site has only been in existence for 19 weeks, and this will be the first time I’d be responding to.  This week the prompt given on the site is “DECLINE” and this will be my first response there.


Economy down

People don’t work, no spending

Depression sets in.