This week Lillie McFerrin gave us the prompt of “PAGES.”  So this week I’ve decided to respond my giving a micro-bio of my writing endeavors.

What To Write As My Response ???

Here I sit at my computer, an aspiring author of romance, racking my brains of what to write next on the blank screen in front of me.

I once had started to write a Contemporary romance novel for several without any success in getting something I felt would be good enough to self-published.

Finally, I took the advice of someone to write something for a younger audience, and wound up writing a YA Paranormal romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”

I followed this with several projects, I’ve now got an anthology of Flash Fiction I’m editing; a YA Urban Fantasy entitled “The Secret of the Well, which is now a sequel to my first novel; a total rewrite of my unsuccessful attempt at writing romance which is now entitled “His Darkest Secret,” and finally I’m now writing Haikus, with the hopes of compiling another anthology.

The problem I’ve got at this very moment in what to write on the blank page in front of me as my response to Lillie’s prompt word this week of “PAGES”