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How things can change in a matter of just two weeks. For the longest period of time I couldn’t a RaffleCopter or GoodReads GiveAway to save my life. Now I’m won a total of 10. The books are various genres, which should be interesting since I consider myself to be a Romance author.

I’ve got three e-books, and three paperbacks which I’ve won from various sites. The remaining four come from GoodReads are all paperbacks, a requirement of this site.  Two of them have been autographed; the other two are ARCs [Advanced Reader’s Copies], both of which have not been edited yet.  One of them is scheduled to be released in September 2014. The other one is has a scheduled release date of October 9, 2014.

These ARCs are marked as such and are also mark “NOT FOR SALE”.

I’ve found reviewing my first ARC, the one with the October 9th release day to be an interesting experience and rewarding experience since I’m can communicate with the publisher and the author has to my feelings and give my feedback before the book gets published.

So with three more reviews I must complete, and the remaining six I should review as a courtesy, for at least the next three weeks progress on all three of my writing endeavors will unfortunately be reduced to a crawl.

I’ll be posting my reviews as soon as I can. Amazon doesn’t accept reviews for ARCs as far as I can figure out.



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Well this “CRAZY” person is glutton for punishment. If starting a new group “ROMANCE AUTHORS of the WORLD” on FaceBook, Google and LinkedIn isn’t enough; I’ve started it on GoodReads yesterday as well.


And here are links [if you didn’t see them in a previous post] to this group on the other internet sites I’ve just mentioned:

FaceBook = https://www.facebook.com/groups/346569485493581/  

Google = https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/114606837848233784754  

LinkedIn = https://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=8156197&trk=anet_ug_hm

In each of these groups I’m verifying each person’s status as a Romance Author, if I can’t find anything, their request will be denied.

To add to the mix, my OH decided to have a four-day weekend which included this past Friday and includes today Monday, August 18, 2014.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will at LONG LAST be able to return to make progress on ALL of my writing endeavors.

So if you’re reading this and are a romance author I’d appreciate it if you’d be so kind as to consider at least one of my new groups.

THANKS and have a GREAT WEEK in whatever you do !!! 🙂  🙂  🙂


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I’ve just created a new specialized group on the internet for ROMANCE AUTHORS only.

Not only did I create it, I also placed the group called ROMANCE AUTHORS of the WORLD, I’ve placed it on THREE internet sites.

Here are the links to all three sites Romance Authors of the World group/community is on:

FaceBook = https://www.facebook.com/groups/346569485493581/

Google Community = https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/114606837848233784754

LinkedIn = https://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=8156197&trk=anet_ug_hm

Please be advised I’m trying my best to make sure I only approve individuals are Romance Authors; so if I can’t see it in your profile or elsewhere on the internet your request will be denied.

So THANKS “Guys” for understanding and I hope you’re having a GREAT WEEKEND with your family  !!!  🙂  🙂  🙂



Well I’m back to writing my responses to Lillie’s prompt word. The main reason I haven’t writing any is I’ve been busy doing a first round editing of the anthology of FLASH FICTION I’ve compiled.


On a dark night Mary’s car broke down on a lonely road. However luck hadn’t been with her as she’d broken down in a dead-zone for her cell phone, but she remembered seeing an all-night gas station a mile or so back. After rummaging through the glove compartment and then the truck until she finally found a flashlight, which she used to light her way there. Unfortunately the flashlight died a quarter of a mile from it, leaving her alone on a darken road. Then, all of a sudden, a luminous full moon came out from behind the clouds to light the rest of the way to her salvation.  


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I so much wanted to post the following on Monday, but I forgot I need to host what had supposed to have been the last stop of a blog tour which I wrote about in my last entry.

Well, it’s back to finally making progress this past week as I completed my first round of editing my anthology of Flash Fiction. I wound up deleting three of them, which means I’m going back to responding to Lillie Ferrin’s website again which is something I’ve neglected to do these past few weeks. Going back will give me the opportunity to pick up on the prompt words she gave and to respond to at these two of them. After I finish two more rounds of editing and if I’ve got enough funds I’m going send the manuscript off to an editor.

I’m still in a editing mode for my adult Contemporary, His Darkest Secret, searching for more key words. This week I focused on the word “would”; forming contractions almost every place I found one—I found 75. While there I looked to see if anything around it needed editing, it did; and end result is I now have 40 Chapters consisting of 258 pages and I slight increase to 77,150 words.

On Saturday I returned to reading an ARC [Kindle Edition] for a book I’m scheduled to be one of the last blog tour stop of, where I’m supposed to post a review and some other material. If you follow my blog you read it tomorrow, Monday, August 11th.

While I’ve written a few more Haikus on the internet I haven’t pasted them yet into the anthology I’m compiling, so the status of it still stands at 62 or 15.5% completed of my intended goal of 400.

Naturally with all this going on I haven’t been able to make any progress on my YA Urban Fantasy novella, The Secret of the Well. Here’s hoping this coming week I’ll be able to make progress across the board with all of my writing endeavors.



It appears, if I’m mistaken, I’ve got the honor of being the LAST STOP on Nicky Wells’ WorldWide blog tour. And I also feel honored to have received one of the “coveted” ARCs of her latest Rock Star Romance novel Falled For Rock.

I’ve loved Nicky Wells for quite a while; she’s a true ROCK STAR in her own right.  I truly missed her MUSIC MONDAYS segment on the blog she used to have where she allowed me to become her DJ coming with a musical response to her selection for that week.  Somehow I always came up with perfect selection.

To know Nicky Wells you need to get to know her roots; and she gave us this opportunity when she wrote a wonderful entry on her blog in September of last year as she reminisced about her first 20 years in the UK where she even allowed me to come up with two musical selections related to them.


You’ll need to read the comments and her responses to get a true sense of who she is.

So without much further ado, here’s my review for her latest novel.

Reading Nicky Wells’ latest foray into the Rock Star Romance Fiction genre which appears in my opinion of becoming popular amongst some romance readers as well as authors, I couldn’t help but think this time she has included some of her own personal experience.  After all, she’s been allowed backstage at rock venue[s] and has hobnobbed with some current rock stars in the UK. Don’t we wish we could do the same with our favorite artists?  Envy is a sin [at least here] we must resist. I believe if she’s not already there, she’s the Queen of this genre and I look forward to reading more stories from her pen.

When we first read about Emily and her first encounter with Nate, I got “shocked” how she, given her personality, allowed herself to go as far as she did and I almost feared I’d be reading something erotic because of it.  Nate and Emily are totally opposites; he loves rock and she’s more of a classical sort of woman.  Naturally this relationship couldn’t last.

When she goes to the rock concert alone with the ticket Nate had won and had given to her, a sort of Kismet occurs when she meets Mike, the lead singer for MonX, the main venue for the concert.

I love how a mere photo changed both of their lives, as they wound up being great for each other.

Nicky has a wonderful way of making her main characters come alive and allows you to feel as if you’re part of it, making it a wonderful read.

I also love the addition of British English, which I, living on the other side of “The Pond”, have finally begun to understand after having two other of wonderful novels, which is why I’m giving it 5 STARS again.

If anyone is interested here are my other reviews for the Nicky Wells’ novels on Amazon I’ve read, here are the direct links.

“Sophie’s Turn”  http://tinyurl.com/k9qgogr

“Spirits of Christmas”  http://tinyurl.com/kdfl5xw.”


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Sorry about not posting a report last week but my sleep cycle got totally messed up and just beginning to get back to normal. For some reason I could fall asleep until about 2AM, woke up at 5 AM when my OH gets up to get ready to go to work, back to sleep 30 minutes later until my OH leaves to go to work at around 7:15. Back to sleep after taking my morning medications and back up at around 9 AM to start my day. A quick check on my emails, respond to all my requests to connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter, and become friends and “LIKE” on FaceBook.  Then at 11 I’m off to go to the neighborhood senior center for lunch. YES – I’m that young [I’m 63 1/2].  We got a new cat to replace the almost 20 year old one who died a month before, so I’m busy watching him as he gets used to the apartment, and our other “fur child” so she doesn’t get into any fights with her new roommate.

Anyway my writing came to an abrupt standstill. I haven’t been able to think of anything to write for any of why three writing endeavors.  I couldn’t even think of what to write as a response to the sites I usually post each week.  Although I did manage to edit about 25% of the anthology of FLASH FICTIONS I’ve compiled, losing one which I’ve now got to replace. I’m amiss I couldn’t post about the KINDLE Countdown I had for my debut YA Paranormal romance novel “I Kissed a Ghost” for the US.  This week due to scheduling issues with KDP Select the KINDLE Countdown has moved to the UK where the KINDLE Edition of my book is less than a pound until August 6 at 11 PM – GMT  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00CRQ9SC6

Well this is the start of a new week and I’m making a concerted effort to make some decent progress on all of my writing endeavors.  So until next week,  I hope ALL of you have a GREAT WEEK in whatever you do. !!!  🙂  🙂  🙂