It appears, if I’m mistaken, I’ve got the honor of being the LAST STOP on Nicky Wells’ WorldWide blog tour. And I also feel honored to have received one of the “coveted” ARCs of her latest Rock Star Romance novel Falled For Rock.

I’ve loved Nicky Wells for quite a while; she’s a true ROCK STAR in her own right.  I truly missed her MUSIC MONDAYS segment on the blog she used to have where she allowed me to become her DJ coming with a musical response to her selection for that week.  Somehow I always came up with perfect selection.

To know Nicky Wells you need to get to know her roots; and she gave us this opportunity when she wrote a wonderful entry on her blog in September of last year as she reminisced about her first 20 years in the UK where she even allowed me to come up with two musical selections related to them.

You’ll need to read the comments and her responses to get a true sense of who she is.

So without much further ado, here’s my review for her latest novel.

Reading Nicky Wells’ latest foray into the Rock Star Romance Fiction genre which appears in my opinion of becoming popular amongst some romance readers as well as authors, I couldn’t help but think this time she has included some of her own personal experience.  After all, she’s been allowed backstage at rock venue[s] and has hobnobbed with some current rock stars in the UK. Don’t we wish we could do the same with our favorite artists?  Envy is a sin [at least here] we must resist. I believe if she’s not already there, she’s the Queen of this genre and I look forward to reading more stories from her pen.

When we first read about Emily and her first encounter with Nate, I got “shocked” how she, given her personality, allowed herself to go as far as she did and I almost feared I’d be reading something erotic because of it.  Nate and Emily are totally opposites; he loves rock and she’s more of a classical sort of woman.  Naturally this relationship couldn’t last.

When she goes to the rock concert alone with the ticket Nate had won and had given to her, a sort of Kismet occurs when she meets Mike, the lead singer for MonX, the main venue for the concert.

I love how a mere photo changed both of their lives, as they wound up being great for each other.

Nicky has a wonderful way of making her main characters come alive and allows you to feel as if you’re part of it, making it a wonderful read.

I also love the addition of British English, which I, living on the other side of “The Pond”, have finally begun to understand after having two other of wonderful novels, which is why I’m giving it 5 STARS again.

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