I must say as a first time author of a YA novel myself, I’m quite envious of the quality of Cristina Moracho’s writing in the Advanced Uncorrected Proof copy of her debut YA novel, “Althea & Oliver,” that I received from her publisher through a Book GiveAway on GoodReads; no wonder workers at her publisher are singing praises about her book.

I appreciate the manner in which Cristina wrote about the medical condition, KLS [Kleine-Levin Syndrome], which Oliver suffered from in her story. I’m glad she included an Author’s Note on the copyright page in which she correctly stated it’s an incurable disease and gave her readers a link to disease’s foundation. I’m also glad she also advised her readers here that she used artistic license with the disease for her story, so no one could be lead to believe this is what actual occurs with people with the disease.

There is a roller coaster of emotions between the two main characters of the book. Just as their opposites make them good for each other, it also pulls them apart. They need to find out what their relationship is truly about. Cristina’s writing seems to pull you into what’s happening, and at times causing the reader to believe they’re witnessing the action personally, and as the story progresses you really get to know Althea & Oliver. There are times in which an almost fictional memoir quality to the story exists.

The book is great story of coming of age with all its characteristics.

I wouldn’t be surprised at the least if Cristina hadn’t put part of herself and her own experiences, albeit her living in New York City, into Althea.

While Althea & Oliver is targeted at the YA audience, I would, given talk about sex, drug use and the language used within the story, position it more as a NA [New Adult] including some older YA readers. I feel “Althea & Oliver” is a must read for these age groups; as well as for parents of children of Althea and Oliver’s age, for they might be able to understand their own children more; which is why I’ve given it 5 STARS.