Well it’s time for me to do another review for another book I won the internet. This time received a signed copy paperback edition “After ‘I Do’ – A Marriage Map,” from a contest the author held on FaceBook. [I also had place an entry to win it on GoodReads] The following is my honest opinion of the book.

After "I Do " A Marriage Map

We’re all heard of the “For Dummies” series of books, so naturally you’ve guest there’s one which deals with marriage; and like the others in the series, each one is about 350 pages long. The one which deals with marriage has 384 pages.

P J LaRue’s “After ‘I Do’ – A Marriage Map, however, is a quick fun read which I feel should be read more than once; I read it twice in a day. And after reading it, I believe, the book cuts to the chase and gives its readers everything they really need to know about this thing we call MARRIAGE.
The book, written in a straight forward manner, and based on her experience, gives us what works. The advice she gives crosses all religions, ethnicities, and races; the good times and the bad.
Unfortunately, as LaRue told us in the beginning of her book, half of all marriages end in divorce. This in all probably is, I feel, due to the adversary relationship present in many cases from the start.
There are many marriages in which the woman believes she can change the man she’s about to marry from the way he is [remember, she’s marrying him because of the way he is] into what she wants him to be like. So naturally, as she walks down the aisle towards the altar while listening to the hymn being sung; these three things repeat continuously in her mind: AISLE. ALTAR. HYMN. [Just repeat these words a few times in your mind.]
And as she approaches the altar, the groom stands there, looking at his bride, while in the back of his mind he thinks of what his married friends have told him about life after the honeymoon.
                                    Here comes the bride.
                                    There goes the groom.
                                    Boy, he’s going to get it after the honeymoon.
So given the above, it’s easy to tell why some marriages wind up on the rocks. 
This is why I’ve not hesitated in giving it 5 STARS on Amazon, GoodReads and LibraryThing.com

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