When I first looked at the cover of “Rich & Famous” by Roberta Grimes and saw the white limousine and what appears to have been ankle-restraints in the lower-right corner, I began to fear the book I was about to review would turn out to an Erotica novel.  Luckily this didn’t turn out to be the case here, and I’m grateful she go on to give us any details when it came to her sex scenes, which is something the all of us, if not most, should have experienced during our lives at some point or other. 21918353

Her main character, Kim, seem to me to be sort of a conundrum in that while she had become extremely successful in business, and had a type of a boyfriend almost any woman would wish could be hers; at times she seemed to lacking a total understanding of what was going on.  Other than this Ms. Grimes’ complex character development of Kim is quite good. Using a “flashback” to tell us what happened to Kim at age 13 and her youth I feel had been placed perfectly in the storyline.

However, if we look at this author’s storyline as a cross-country trip, she took off on side-trips for a brief moment to visit, but never returned to give us more of it, resulting in us not really knowing anything; just as us driving by a tourist attraction without stopping to go in.


Her “visit” to discussions of margins and business plans/reasons for holding to the company she owned could have been eliminated without any lost to the actual storyline itself as it didn’t add anything to it.

How many of us can remember watching “LifeStyles of the Rich & Famous” with Robin Leach and wondered what else is it like. Well Ms. Grimes’ book takes us there, and shows us it’s not all as it appears to be. “Rich & Famous” is a decent read which should be looked into, which is why I’ve given 4 STARS.

This review has been my honest opinion for a paperback copy of the book I’ve received from a GiveAway on Goodreads.

Robin Leigh Morgan is the author of “I Kissed a Ghost,” a MG-YA Paranormal romance novel.

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