I read this, Rene’s first book, as a paperback way back in 2008 which I believe I might still have tucked away somewhere in my apartment.
Searching4MrRight.com is a pure personal account of the author’s personal life following a divorce and years of living alone until a friend urged to try online dating. She finally did follow this person’s advice, the results of which can be read in her book.
Who can’t recall the horrors of the dates you had, many of which you’d sooner forget, before getting married for the first. For the dates you can recall, didn’t you give each one of those dates a label of sort to “remember” them by. If you did and you can relate to what Rene had experienced when she decided to re-enter the dating and doing the same thing. Read this book, and see how many of her dates had been similar to ones you had experienced yourself.

Searching4MrRight.com is a fun read, which for some might be hard to put down.

US:  http://www.amazon.com/Searching4MrRight-com-Rene-D-Schultz-ebook/dp/B007V91HTQ

UK: http://www.amazon.com/Searching4MrRight-com-Rene-D-Schultz-ebook/dp/B007V91HTQ