As you might you might have guessed if you’ve been following my posts, I’ve been quite busy reading/reviewing books.  In the past week I’ve finished reading one book and read two more books and then posting my reviews for them.  I also posted a review for a book I read by Rene D. Schultz [“Bishop Street”] which I read back in 2008, and just found again in the back of the top shelf of a closet in our [my OH and I] apartment.

Over the weekend I began reading a biography of Bill Crosby – “CROSBY – His Life and Times” by Mark Whiteaker which I won on a GiveAway on GoodReads,  The book doesn’t get officially released until tomorrow [September 16, 2014.]

I had to chance to review by FLASH FICTION anthology and going over 25% of my manuscript I decided to delete two items, which means I’ve got to write two new ones so far; hopefully there won’t be too many more I’ve got to delete.

The big thing about all this that I’m finally keeping my New Year’s Resolution for this year regarding my return to reading books again.  I’ve already read seven books since the end of last month and still have to post by review for it here on my blog, it’s already posted on / / like the rest of the books I’ve reviewed.

All the reviews I’ve posted so far here on my blog have been for REAL PHYSICAL BOOKS in which some of the authors have signed their names, with two of them being personally signed. In the coming days, I’m going to post the reviews I’ve already written for the e-books I’ve bought or won. There is a FTC guideline which deals with reviewers needing to mention if they’ve received the book for FREE, which is why you see writing about how I obtained the book.