ABOUT.me is not about me. It is ABOUT YOU.

This is a wonderful site where you’ve 2,500 characters/spaces to tell others all about yourself.

How many times have you received a new follower, but when you go to this individual’s Twitter page you don’t really know anything about them?  How many times have you followed someone and get blocked, primarily due to the fact they don’t really know anything about besides the items you get to write below your name on Twitter?

I’ve found this site can be helpful to getting more return followers. To better understand what I’m talking about, everyone is invited to check out my Twitter account. Once  you get to my homepage look at the left and you’ll find a link to my about.me page.

I’d like to read your comments regarding the above.  And if you’re an author, I’d like to have you follow me, especially if your genre is MG/YA or Romance.

Here’s the link to my Twitter account:  http://www.twitter.com/mypennameonly

[When you’re giving someone a link to your twitter account, you MUST give them the complete link.  The @______ ONLY WORKS within Twitter itself.]