One of the main reasons I bought the KINDLE Edition of Megan’s memoir is that we both belong to the same internet support group. “Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules”

I found Megan Cyrulewski’s memoir, “Who Am I?” to be an extremely poignant, gut-wrenching account of one woman’s journey into hell at the hands of her drug-addicted, abusive husband, who also from a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In telling her story, the author clearly pulled no punches in detailing the horrific accounts of what she’d been forced to endure. One has to wonder why she allowed it continue for as long as she did.

Ms. Cyrulewski gave up so much to get nothing in return. She gave up her dream  of being an attorney because her husband wiped out the savings she had saved to pay for it to pay off his enormous debts. A major part of his problem had been he couldn’t hold on to any job he got,

Even with this horrific relationship she agreed to have a child. When her daughter,  Madelyne Rose, was born; her daughter became the means by which she survived having anxiety disorder, panic attacks, post-partum depression, visits to the psych ward, domestic violence which lead to her finally getting a divorce.

“Who Am I?” serves as a sign to any woman who has suffered or is suffering   the same kind of abuse, that there’s hope for recovery and a new life.

It is for this reason I’m not hesitating giving it the 5 STARS I’ve given it, 5 STARS which is richly deserves.