If you’ve been reading my blog on a regular basis you know I’m extremely busy in my 2nd second career as a book reviewer, forgetting the one of being a blogger as well. In the past week I’ve posted 6 reviews, Book Review #13 – The First Madam President is an e-book I read some time ago but never got around to actually writing a review for it until now. 

Book Reviews # 14 through #17 are for ebooks I’ve actually read this past week [I actually started #14 on Friday October 24th. Book Review #18 How Sweet Home is for a book in the Chicken Soup for the Soul and given the nature of the book, I only read two or three stories of the 101 stories in the book each day.

At the present time I still have about four unread KINDLE ebooks on my computer. I’m also waiting for the arrival of nine more physical books I’ve won from the giveaways on GoodReads.com; five of them in the past week.

As far as my writing endeavors are concerned, I’m now in the midst of the tedious process of entering the edits I’ve made on a printout copy of the manuscript for Micro Fiction – An Anthology into my computer. At the present time I’m about halfway through this stage of processing the manuscript for publication, and will have to write some more to make up for the ones I deleted during this stage. Hopefully, I’ll be able to final release my second book by the end of this month.

I’d love for you to check out my reviews; and if you should really like them, I’d appreciate it if you would check YES at the end of my review for that book on Amazon.

THANKS for being one of my followers and for your kind support. Have a GREAT WEEK in whatever you do.