After not having responded to Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word each week, I wanted to do it last week with the prompt word of “ENVY,” however by the time I got around to post the links I’d been locked out of doing so.

I first started responding to Lillie’s prompt words back in January/February of 2012, and a few months I decided to compile an anthology of all the prompts I’d posted links for on her site. I wanted to have 100 items in it, however for one reason or another I came up short. This meant I had to back track to pick the prompts I missed responding to.

It’s taken me a while to complete this task and I’m happy to report that I’ll me releasing this anthology shortly. Right now I’m waiting to receive a print PROOF COPY for it; which I’m scheduled to receive on Monday, November 24th. I wanted to have all of the 100 items to be five sentences long, but with the editing which has occurred this could no longer be possible. The book is entitled Micro Fiction – An Anthology.

The following is one of the items in the book which has been edited so it would only have five sentences.


Mary looked out her window that morning and seeing the rain realized she’ll have a very miserable day, she asked her mother, “Would it be okay if I explore the rest of the house today?”

“You can, but remember the attic is still off limits; the staircase there hasn’t been fixed yet.”

Turning on the light switch at the top of the stairs, she slowly walked down the steep FLIGHT of stairs. Once she got to the bottom Mary saw a huge wooden chest in a corner, and went over to investigate it. The instant she opened it, she discovered it was filled with all sorts of stuff any girl her age would love.