Well last week has been a BIG WEEK for me as far as my second book, Micro Fiction – An Anthology, is concerned. On Wednesday I created a simplistic cover for the book at no cost on CreateSpace using one of their templates. On Thursday, I worked on the interior text for the book. And Friday morning a virtual proof was ready for my approval, but I opted to receive a printed PROOF copy for the book instead. I expect to receive this PROOF next Monday, November 24, 2014.  This means, once I give my approval, the paperback edition should become available in about two days; at the same time I’m going to order the conversion for the KINDLE Edition.


If you’ve been following my blog this past week, you’d know I’ve read and posted reviews for five more books. I currently still have two books in my possession I need to read/review plus an additional two books I’ve yet to receive from my GoodReads.com giveaway wins; plus one more e-book on my bookshelf on Shelfari. I’m most definitively keeping the New Year’s Resolution I made this year about starting to read books again.

With the above accomplished and reading requirements under control, I feel confident I can return to working on my MG/YA Urban Fantasy The Secret of the Well, and my adult Contemporary Romance novel, His Darkest Secret this week.

The 64 Haikus I’ve already written are now arranged into five categories so far. I’ve also decided to reduce the number of Haikus I plan to include in this anthology from 400 to 250, which means I’ve completed about 25.6% of this endeavor. I’m now going to now search in earnest for sites which deal with the writing of Haikus to obtain my prompts/ideas to write them with. I’ve found one of these sites http://www.haikuhorizons.wordpress.com where I looking at all of the prompts they’ve already given and writing a Haiku for each one. I’m following this site now and I’m going to be current with it. This week I wrote an additional 14 Haikus, giving me a total 78 [31.2% completed.]

With the completion of my first anthology of Micro Fiction, I’ve eagerly started working on a second volume. But this time, I’m not going to reply on only one source for my prompts, which has worked out wonderfully for me, and as of now I’ve already written five of them.