Well last week has been a BIG WEEK for me as far as my second book, Micro Fiction – An Anthology, is concerned. On Friday I received the PROOF COPY for this book, and after examining it, I noticed an minor error in the text for the back cover. This meant correcting the error and starting the approval process over again, on Saturday I got notified the book is ready to be released. However, I decided to recheck the actual book itself for errors, which turned out a good decision to make as I found a handful of minor errors which needed to be corrected, which I did. I then submitted the entire book for a new review.

However, in examining the interior of the book I noticed an uneven printing of its pages, which I advised CreateSpace of; which they can’t tell the reason for since I’ve resubmitted my files. They’re refunding the cost of receiving the PROOF COPY. Now the question is whether or not I’m going to ask for a second PROOF COPY and wait until the end of November to receive it delaying its release; or will I attempt to correct the problem myself, delaying its release even longer. The answer next week.

If you’ve been following my blog this past week, you’d know I’ve only read and posted review for 1 additional book. I currently still have one more physical book in my possession I need to read/review plus an additional three books I’ve yet to receive from my GoodReads.com giveaway wins; plus one e-book on my bookshelf on Shelfari to read/review.

In regards to the yet untitled anthology of Haikus I’m writing, I’ve made what I feel has been considered progress in this endeavor; I now written a total of 15 Haikus this week, which brings the total of Haikus written to 93 or 37.2% of my target figure of 250. I’ve obtained the most of these prompts in the past week from http://www.haikuhorizons.wordpress.com and I’ve placed myself on their mailing list to receive their future prompts each Sunday.

This past week I succeeded in re-reading the manuscript for my YA Urban Fantasy, The Secret of the Well. My goal, from here on, is to write at least one chapter each week until the manuscript is completed. This time I’m going to have the text edited by a third party, and at the same time I’m going to start searching for someone to design the cover for the book, both of which will be done if I obtain the needed funds.