The following review is my honest opinion for an ARC of this book I won in a giveaway on

One of the reasons I decided to enter the drawing for this book is that the book is in reality a comic book. As any child of the 1950’s can recall, comics played a major part of what we read; as well as being something we’d used a part of our allowance each month for. Comics were broken down by sex; while the boys had their Superman, Batman, etc comics, the girls had their comics from the Archie series of comics: Archie, Jughead, and Betty and Veronica.

Lowriders in Space succeeded in bringing me back to those days of my youth, with it being a comic with a more adult storyline. I found the book interesting because it dealt with two elements which are not usually found in literature. The first is the topic of the storyline, the building of a lowrider. Lowriders are unique to the Mexican¬-America culture of Southern California are personally modified cars, usually junkers, built to ride closer to the ground than regular car and had been made for cruising rather than for racing. These cars built by teams then get enter into competition for the glitziest, uniqueness, etc car.

The second element deals with women in non-traditional roles, and the one in this book is that of the lead mechanic of the team which built the winning entry for the competition the book deals with to win a carload of cash and a solid gold steering wheel. Not only did the car run after they were finished with it, it also wound up launching itself into outer space.

For its unique storyline which crosses genres and what I’d mentioned in the above, this book definitely deserved the 5 STARS I’m giving it.