Last Sunday I received the approval that my book is ready to be released, but the having any certainty about not having any problem which would result in having some pages print light than others, I decided to investigate the problem further.

It took a while, but on Tuesday I found the cause – the style at the top of the WORD document main page had different for each page which appear lighter when printed. I created a duplicate file so I wouldn’t lose the integrity for the problematic file and proceeded to make the necessary corrections. Once I finished the correction process I resubmitted all the files again to await their approval. Before retiring for the night at around 1:00 AM on Wednesday I checked the status of my book on CreateSpace and found the files were approved. I then viewed a virtual copy and seeing no problems, I ordered a printed proof copy this time paying for an expedited delivery. I’ve been tracking the packing and I’m due to receive it tomorrow, Monday, December 1, 2014.

With the satisfaction that all is well now that my second book has been released, I’ve started to write a sequel with another 100 micro fictions being written.  The only difference is I’ll be looking for other venues to find my prompt words, and so far I’ve written a total of eight items.

If you’ve been following my blog this past week, you’d know I’ve posted reviews for 4 more books. I currently still have 2 more physical books in my possession I need to read/review plus an additional book I’ve yet to receive from my giveaway wins; plus one e-book on my bookshelf on Shelfari to read/review.

In regards my Haiku Anthology I’ve added no additional items. However, after joining a new internet group I’ve have which deals with the writing of Haiku, I’m now in the process of tweaking the ones I’ve already as well as the titles I’d written for each one; apparently a Haiku doesn’t get a title unless there are several written as a sequence for a single topic.

I’d so much wanted to write another chapter for my YA Urban Fantasy The Secret of the Well.  But with Thanksgiving and the shopping madness over the weekend, this didn’t happen. Hopefully, this week will finally bear some fruit for this endeavor.