At the beginning of this year I’d once again made a New Year’s Resolution to FINALLY return to reading books again. The MAJOR DIFFERENCE this year is that instead of reading NONE, since having declared myself a Book Review a few short months ago I’ve already read 39; and this does not include the handful of books I’d read in the beginning of the year.

This beginning the case, I’ve decided to really push the envelope in reading push, and read/review as many books as I possibly can, And in order to do this, basically all of my other activities will change drastically. There will be no movement in any of my writing endeavors, nor will there will any real effort to result to the writing prompts I usually respond.

I will continue to promote the two books I’ve already self-publisher. I will continue to send out Tweeks as I’ve always done.

Finally, in exchange for you kind support here on my blog, I’m offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT on my two books

Micro Fiction – An Anthology regularly lists on Amazon for $8.99 and is discount to $8.54.   And I Kissed a Ghost which regularly lists for $9.99 and is discounted to $8.96.

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