Since becoming a Book Reviewer at the end of August of this year I’ve become interested and have enjoyed increasing the genres I’ve reviewed. When I saw this book being offered as a giveaway on I looked at it as a possibility of adding another genre to my list. Needless to say I feel lucky to have won one of the signed copies being, and the following is my honest opinion of what I’ve read.

By reading the back cover we learn that the author as a child had been raised on the streets of New York City. Having been born and raised there myself, I also have memories which are still present and lingering in the back reaches of my mind. It is this same sort of memories the author, Angel Zapata, has transcribed onto paper and into this book.

As I read the various poems in his book I sensed a child’s mind at work as Angel recalls his personal family experiences as a child, as well as the sights and smells around him. Sights and sounds many of us raised in a large city might have also experienced.

For example in his poem Dissonant Chairs, I can remember seeing the grow-ups [old women] sitting on their folding chairs around the front stoop of the building I lived in, who at times looked at us children with nothing more than disdain; and we wondered what we’ve done to have elicit it.

The author seems to have then taken these childhood experiences and added an adult spin to them. For the emotions this book has evoked I’m glad to give it 5 STARS.