The Christmas holiday crazies in over and I can finally get my daily routine back in order.

Here’s the book review I mentioned in my previous post I didn’t have time to post before. I now have three books I’ve read which I’m hopefully going to write the reviews for today.

How many of us are honestly willing to come out and admit we want to lose weight, get fit, beat the demons which are running our lives, and naturally find our sort of happiness? Basically, almost all of us have least one, and it doesn’t matter whether we’re a man or woman.

Since we can all now agree these issues do exist, but how many of us willing admit we’ve got these issues, and to do so publically and in writing? Not many. This is why we as individuals and as possible readers of this book need to thank Shelley Wilson for having the courage to do precisely that, and to do so in an amusing and inviting manner.

While some of us might have already read her suggestions elsewhere, some of us haven’t. The unfortunate thing about the book is that most of the website links she gives her readers are located in the U.K., which is where the author lives.

Aside from the inconvenience of the links being in the U.K.”, How I Changed My Life In a Year can prove to be quite helpful in helping us [man/woman] to lose weight and get a healthier body. And given I’m old enough to be her parent; I’m looking at trying some of her suggestions myself.

After negating the link problem I’ve mentioned, I’m giving this 4 STARS.