For the past week being a Book Reviewer has basically taken over practically everything else I’d to have done; and for some reason I love that it has.

To start with I didn’t post the two reviews I said I would in my previous update. As of yesterday, I’ve read/reviewed a total of six books, with the reviews being posted on: [where it also gets tweeted to over 8,180 followers [where it also gets post on the timeline of my FaceBook account]

I’ve got a seventh review I’m writing/posting today. This time I will post ALL of my completed reviews here after I eat lunch and obtain the buy links.

I’m happy to say apparently all my efforts in becoming a decent Book Reviewer haven’t gone unnoticed. As of January 10th my Amazon Reviewer Ranking is 20,290; not bad, I believe, for someone who just declared themselves to be one at the end of August 2014.

The only other thing I’ve accomplish in the past week is that of being a Book Tour host here on my blog.  Last Sunday, I had a tour stopping here with another one stopping on Friday. Both tours had reversed their stops on my other blog.

Please DO NOT ask me to review any books. In order to be fair to everyone I don’t accept any requests. I’d spelled out my selection process for reviewing books in the post I did here on October 28, 2014. Besides, I already have quite a few books on my TBR lists.