Becoming the member of the week of an internet support group I belong afforded me the opportunity to choose a book written by another member from a list of books. Amd as a Book Reviewer I prefer to read REAL BOOKS especially when they’ve been signed, which is why I’ve chosen “Mystic Tea” for my next book to read/review. The following review is my honest opinion for this book.

While not being a Catholic has prevented me from knowing what nuns are really supposed to be like. On one hand, for me, the nuns in this book seems to me to be juxtaposition from what I’ve have been led to believe in the dramatic movies, etc., I’ve seen. On the other hand I can’t help but wonder whether the Sally Field character in “The Flying Nun”, Sister Bertrille; or Whoopi Goldberg’s character in “Sister Act”, Sister Mary Clarance, had any influence in Ms. Martin’s writing of this book.

“Mystic Tea” is a wonderful conglomeration of mixed-match women/nuns with each one seeking empowerment in their daily existence as the threat of possibly losing their home, the monastery, looms over their heads. The empowerment they find comes from within themselves as each discovers who they truly are, as well as from each other. The diversity for each character to each other aids in making their interaction quite interesting, and adds to the beauty for the book as a whole. This is especially true when it came to dealing with a relatively large change in their lives as I’ve just mentioned.

By naming each of her chapters in a somewhat helter-skelter random manner with one of her character’s name, seems to add to the realization of their differences while at the same time seeing how complex their relationship. And depending to what extend you’ve read this book, you might be able to see a collection of stories, one for each character which have been skillfully merged to give you this 5 STAR book.