As a Book Reviewer I’m always willing from time to time to venture out a read a genre I haven’t read before. So I’m happy that I happen upon this debut endeavor by Raani York.

There’s a lot more to the book than the title “Dragonbride.” Naturally, as you might have surmised the book is about a young maiden who has to marry a dragon.

Irma, a beautiful woman who happens to be a witch, gives birth to a child. So what, you might say. However, the child she gave birth to happens to be a girl, who, according to a very ancient prophecy, must be given up and properly trained to fulfil it.

Trained by her aunts, Shalima, the zealous student of the occult, becomes more powerful than anyone could have imagined.  When she reaches the age of maturity the required three tests she needs to pass in front of a tribunal comes as no match for this young witch.

Unlike most arranged marriages, her love for Dragan, her shape-shifting husband seems to be never-ending and not a single thing could ever bring it asunder regardless of the form he’s in at any given moment. Yet, despite this, an ominous dark cloud casts a shadow on their relationship; the shadow is the same prophecy which had brought them together which must be allowed to continue to its ultimate conclusion unless faith steps in and allows them to prevent it.

If you ever wanted a story full of romance, adventure, trust and the magic of fantasy then this book would be wonderful for its intended YA audience, or any reader who’s interested in rekindling their imagination; as it has for me and why I’m giving this book 5 STARS.