I won an e-book copy of “Sanders’ Starfish” this past Christmas and have just now, due to amount of books on my TBR lists been able to get to read/review it. The following is my honest opinion for this book.

Dr. John Sanders is a newly graduated, naïve, altruistic clinical psychologist who wants to change the lives of his patients for the better. However, he quickly learns doing this is not as easy as he had imagine, nor do things follow what he had learned from all the textbooks he had to read.

While Dr. Sanders thought he’d merely have to treat his patients for their condition, he soon discovers this is not the case as he gets pulled into his patient’s lives and into a journey which changes his very existence. This proves to be especially true as he deals with Rebecca, one of his patients, and the torment of her fears his life somehow becomes intertwined with hers. While his superiors feel she should merely be warehoused, with only a limited amount of treatment being given like most of the patients there; Dr. Sanders believes he can return to a decent level of sanity.

The changing plot twists adds to an enjoyable reading experience as you find out whether or not the strength in a mentally imprisoned individual’s mind can break free and win in the end.

Having worked in a hospital environment, non-patient care, myself, I can see how the author’s own education as a Psychology major and her research gave her readers a stark reality of what actually occurs in mental facility; albeit I felt some of the information here might be somewhat dated as medical treatment is forever changing; especially, and hopefully for the better, when it comes to mental health.

Given the overall experience I’d gotten in reading “Sanders’ Starfish”, I’m sane enough to give it 5 STARS.

US:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004EPYUOE

UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004EPYUOE