As a Book Reviewer I have a policy to only review books I’ve won through giveaways and books written by members of an internet support group I belong to. Having read/reviewed two other wonderful books by this author which I’ve won, you can imagine how I felt when I won this novelette. The following as always is my honest review. 

For those of you who’ve watched any of the ghost hunter genre of programs on cable you already know what happens when you enter the realm of spirits who’ve been held earthbound. 

In “Meet Me in the Dark” Crishtin Davenport accompanies her friend Lana to an abandoned mansion where a paranormal investigation is supposed to take place. Once there and the activities are about to begin, Lana nudges Crishtin over to go with Joshua Hewes as she and everyone else follows Arnie as their guide. They’re apprehensive yet somehow attracted to each other. 

As they venture out to explore the mansion alone they’re increasing sensing that someone has touched them, but this couldn’t be since they hadn’t been close enough for it to happen. When they reached the master bedroom things really start to happen to them without their realization of what’s happening. WHY? Because, they’ve both been possessed by spirits who needed the use of their bodies. 

Josh after viewing the infra-red video he made last night brings the shocking recording over to Crish’s home to have her view it. Needless to say she became aghast when she saw it. Josh tells Crish he needs to do some research into the history of the mansion and its inhabitants. 

When he returns, they discuss the situation and agree to allow Myles and Shelley, the spirits who had possessed their bodies the first time, to possess their bodies again to bring a resolution to what has kept their spirits earthbound. 

I’m not going into any details of what happens, but I feel you will agree the story makes for a fast moving and vivid reading experience due to the author’s writing skills. 

American readers please be advised the author uses the British spelling of certain words, so they’re not misspelled. 

Please be advised, no spirits have possessed me in making my decision to give 5 STARS for this endeavor by Ms. Carlton.