I received a copy of this book through a giveaway on GoodReads.com and the following review is my honest opinion for this book.

There are several important ages in a woman’s life, the first of which is the age of sixteen; the in which they go from being a girl to being a young woman.

The next is 21 where their parents can no longer legally tell them what to do. They can now legally smoke and drink to their heart’s desire. And they can have a relationship with any man they want to and how they want it.

We now come to the age of 50, the dreaded age which Annebelle Gurwitch writes about in her book. I found Ms. Gurwitch didn’t flinch in writing any of her essays when it came with the myriad of topic she discusses, whether it be about a relatively mundane topic as getting anti-aging cosmetic products at the beauty counter, to those intimate subject matters a woman might not even write about in her diary.

The author’s comedic background allows her to add a certain humorous approach to whatever the topic might be, an element which would have been lacking had someone else written the same item. Ms. Gurwitch’s essays, I feel, gives a reason for women to possibly laugh at themselves as they reach this crucial age in their lives.

For opening a new door to the world of possibilities, I’m happy to give 5 STARS for this book.

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UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00DGZKKZG