With the time-consuming craziness which has occupied my life for the past several weeks finally to subsiding, I now have my OH hospitalized with a non-life threatening condition I’m now beginning to feel mentally and emotionally frazzled.

With this aside, I’d started to make progress with the books I’m reviewing. Right now I’ve got 6 reviews I still need to post here. I’ve got 6 books in my possession which I’m currently in the process of reading/reviewing.

However, the dam has burst with my having won an almost incredible amount of books in the past 10 days. I won 3 books [2 real and 1 e-book] from one giveaway; and from one massive giveaway consisting of 13 giveaways I won 6 with a total of 10 days [and swags] and 2 from yet an anniversary giveaway in two weeks.

With the 15 books I’ve won in the above, with many of them being signed and about 2 e-books, I’ll be holding back on the number of giveaways I’ll be entering for a while, until I got only a small handful of books left to do.

Meanwhile, my Amazon Reviewer Ranking as I write this post is at 10,420, my best ranking yet. This ranking changes every two days, and my dream of being one of the top ten reviewers is in reach as I just need a small handful of readers saying YES to my reviews.

I’ve also decided to reduce my involvement in the groups I belong to on LinkedIn as I don’t really participate in most of them and only concentrate on the ones I own and the ones associated with the genres I’m writing in.

My writing endeavors are still on hold until I see people buying one of my two books.