I received an e-book copy of this “At His Command” [Historical Romance Version] through a giveaway for the 4th anniversary of The Romance Reviews [TRR] and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

It’s quite a challenge for a romance author, or any author for that matter, to write their first novel, yet Ms. Kaufman has decided to write not one but two versions of the same story for her first endeavor; one as an historical romance and the second as an inspirational one in order to attract, in my opinion, a wider audience base for her future endeavors.

The author’s well researched endeavor added to her writing pulls its readers into the story as they, if the mood is right, begin to fantasize they’re in Lady Amice’s shoes, due to the descriptions which are provided, especially that of court life.

After the death of her husband getting Lady Amice gets emotionally attracted to Sir Nicholas, who the king had sent to protect her from undesirable suitors, but for the sake of a better word is penniless. The king and queen, on the other hand desires that she marries a highly-ranked lord, someone who is more aligned with their needs for the kingdom’s survival with his money for the treasury and connections to maintain the forces needed for the army.

To experience Lady Amice’s dilemma you’ll need to check this book out. Meanwhile, I’m giving 5 STARS for my experience.

US:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QPG52A6

UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00QPG52A6