I received a copy of this copy from a GoodReads.com giveaway and the following is my honest opinion of the book.

Growing up what girl hasn’t read sleeping beauty or watch the classic Disney cartoon and dreamt of having a Prince Charming entering her life and becoming a Princess. And having grown up has realized it had merely been a fairy tale of their youth and although there are many wonderful guys in the world not one of them is truly a Prince.

I should have read the description for this book more closely otherwise I wouldn’t have entered this particular giveaway.

In this version of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty doesn’t get woken by a kiss from her Prince Charming ending her hundred year curse, instead she’s gets brought into a life of total sexual enslavement by a master who desires her beauty to solely fulfill the desires of other men. The story takes its readers through the adept writing of its author, Anne Rice, to the erotic extreme of BDSM where some women might want fantasize about, but few would desire for it to be a reality.

Beauty is repeatedly force to endure incredible erotica rituals with strangers solely to fulfill their wanton sexual desires.

As a Book Reviewer, I’ve already read several erotic novels. The author’s selection for the title of this book is totally apropos as this is what happens to Beauty at the hands of her so-called Prince Charming.

Even though this book had been a New York Times Bestseller and had been originally published in 1983 I found myself not being able to turn the pages fast enough to get to the last page; which is why I’m giving this book the lowest rating I give for any review I post of 3 STARS.

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