The good thing is, this week I’m able to post my Weekly Status Report on a timely basis; the sad thing is my OH is still in the hospital so please DON’T ASK me anything about it as it is quite depressing for me to think about it.

The books I’m winning from the giveaways I’ve entered and won are still coming in with 6 books by 5 authors yet to be received, plus 2 e-books yet to be  download to the KINDLE App on my computer.

For those who are keeping tabs, having brought my participation down on LinkedIn to the 3 groups I OWN, the 2 that I MANAGED, and the 3 Romance groups I belong to, I’ve been able to read and review an impressive total of 6 books on Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing and Shelfari, plus my 3 personal sites since my last report.

Another wonderful thing which has taken away my thoughts concerning my OH is my dream of becoming one of the TOP 10,000 reviewers on Amazon has finally been fulfilled with a current ranking of 9,722. My next dream is to hit 5,000 where I will receive a badge on my profile.

At the present time I’ve got a total of 8 books in my possession to read/review. Hopefully, with my cutting back on the number of giveaways I entering, I can be up to date with my reviews in about three weeks.

Don’t worry, I’m still planning to resume writing my WIPs, but I’m not sure when it will be now.

So THANKS for your kind support. I know your thoughts are with me.