Since I don’t accept any requests to read/review books and only read books which I’ve won or have been written by a member of a support group I belong, the following is my honest opinion for a signed copy of this book which I received through an internet giveaway. The downside of this is, as is the case with this book, I haven’t had the opportunity to read the first volume of this series of books where I’d have gotten to know more about its characters.

The essence of the story is Isabeau’s struggle to save the life of her half­-breed daughter Eroica; half human, half vampire, who has a defective DNA gene which will cause her to go mad when she turns twenty. On one hand there’s Morgan D’Arcy, a famous pianist and vampire, who is Eroica’s father; and who Isabeau has stayed away from for six months, despite having given birth to his daughter. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, so she reluctantly returns        to him. On the other hand Isabeau has a former boyfriend, John, who would simply adore getting back into her good graces, but her child is a continuous jealous reminder that it’s not his.

When Lucian, the Chief Counsel of the Les Elus, the ruling body of the Vampyre, learns of Eroica, he tells Isabeau he can save her life as well as the lives of her daughter and Morgan, if she would enter in a pact with him in which when her daughter reaches the age of twenty, she’d give her daughter to him. This is something she’s never told Morgan about. If she did, Morgan would want to kill Lucian.

As Eroica become a young beautiful lady, things get somewhat complicated as there’s a lone vampire who has his eyes on killing Morgan and his family begins to stalk them. Eroica is off to college where she heads right into the hands of Lucian and the plans he has for her. The continuous twists in the storyline, adds to the enjoyment of reading this book. The book ends on a promising note with Isabeau being more committed than ever to find a cure for her daughter’s condition.

I regret not having read the first volume of this series of books by Ms. Nightingale as I’m giving Volume 2 – 5 STARS.