This book is second of three books I’ve recently won which had been offered as part of an internet giveaway by the publisher and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

Several months ago when I began my 2nd second as a Book Reviewer I would shy away anything erotic, especially if included any BDSM, but these days nothing fazes me in reading/reviewing any romance novels.

Ms. Barber couldn’t have picked a better for her book than “Playing the Game” because this is what the storyline is all about, two men and one woman engaging in sexual games which go way beyond the lovey-dovey love making ordinary couples engaged in.

The thing is Alice is definitely not a floozy; she’s a well-educated woman who works as a mechanical engineer, who desires to get some satisfaction and closer to her lovers something she hasn’t been able to do. If you’re interested in fantasizing about a relationship in a threesome, you can step into Alice’s shoes, throw away any notion of love you might have and discard being independent in a relationship in order to become more submissive, this book might be something you might consider reading.

But before you do, you might want to know a little about who is going to complete this threesome you about to enter in reading this book. To begin with you’ll have a dichotomy in the two guys you’re going to meet who happen to share the apartment across the hall from you.

On one side of this dichotomy you’ll meet Henry who’s a quirky kind of gentleman who will deny himself anything so he can keep to the code of honor he’s created for himself, and at the same time he wants to control anything that’s around him. On the other side you’ve got Jay who is a bit coquettish and somewhat playful, he needs to be guided to order to maintain a sense of strength, and has a strong need to please others.

Besides the graphic language Ms. Barber has used for the book; be warned she’s held nothing back as she takes you into a world of explicit sex, spanking, bondage, BDSM and even a menage a trois.

For the erotic experience Ms. Barber has created for her readers, how can I not give this book the 5 STARS I’ve given it.