I’ve had one hell of a time since my prior post this past Friday. Later in the day I received a phone call from the REHAB facility my OH is going to be discharged today. But how can they, as my dear still can’t really walk, go to the bathroom, etc.

I spent yesterday making countless phone calls to the individual monitoring/approving the continued care, and several individuals at the facility who’ve been hard to reach.  It turns out the individual there who handles communication with the monitor wanted to get a jump on what he has to do. The facility needs to send out a status report each week for approval for an extended stay, which they didn’t do at that time, but doing it today. So without having sent out a new report, this cad at the facility caused me to basically shout down doing really anything on the internet.

I’m now waiting anxiously to hear word of what’s happening as I need to have 24 hours to arrange for things, and to clear out the spare bedroom we have in our apartment for a home attendant to stay in. On a bright side, the person responsible for my time in hell, said he’d been advised me that the therapists told him my OH isn’t ready to go home.

As I wrote this I received a home call from the Director of Social Work for the facility stating she’s been advised of the situation and apologize profusely for what I’ve been put through.

Hopefully I’ll be able to review a book or two by Sunday. Perhaps, I really must strive to return to the posting of what I’ve done in the past; such as writing Five Sentence Fictions, posting author spotlights, and interviewing authors of my choosing. I might even consider return to slowly writing my currently writing endeavors [like two or three pages a week] as the sales of my books have unfortunately been slow.

Please read my last post regarding my giveaway and KINDLE Countdown.

THANKS for following my blog and your very kind support.


Robin Leigh



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I’m giving away 25 KINDLE copies of my second book “Micro Fiction – An Anthology.”  The giveaway ends on May 28, 2015 @ 5:15 PM –ET [New York time] and is open in the US and UK. Here’s the link:

Once there hit Control-F [find] and type in my name ROBIN to get quickly to my book and hit ENTER.

From 12:00 AM [GMT/PT] ON May 24th until May 30th @ 11:00 PM [GMT/PT] I’m offering the book as a KINDLE Countdown for 99 cents / 99 pence.

Would love for you to check out the reviews

US:  http://www.amaz.comon/dp/B00QH15K4M   



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I received a copy of this book from the publisher through a giveaway on LibraryThing [dot] com and the following is my honest opinion for the book.

I extremely doubt there’s a woman alive who’ll admit to being a bitch, primarily because of the negative stigmatism associated with it and the exaggerated stereotypes it conjures up. Some women might even use the excuse of “Well, it’s that time of the month,” in an attempt to cover up and deny their bitchy behavior.

There’s an undying desire to be a perfectionist in many women which brings this negative quality to the surface and then is witnessed by others. This causes others to respond harshly to the woman’s actions; however, at the same time this woman can’t acknowledge what she has done since she believes she’s been helpful. When these confrontations occur, these women become resentful and may at times begin shutting down trying to help others.

Their blindness to this becomes more evident when these women begin being a perfectionist regarding themselves. I’m too fat. I’m not pretty enough. I must do something regarding my hair. These are a few of the items which are destroying their self-image, etc.; despite their having received compliments from their husbands and others.

Dr. Plumez has done a wonderful job through the pages of her resource book in attempting to remove the rose-colored glasses these women are wearing which allows their inner demon to thrive, transforming them to the bitches everyone else sees. There are times when the bitch manifests to others that their emotions become like a gun with a hair trigger, ready to go off at any moment.

Denial has always been part of a woman’s psyche. But now, because of this book, this part of their psyche has the possibility of being crushed so their unforgiving inner critic can be soften, if not banished completely.

While bitchiness is an inherited woman’s issue, there are some men who suffer from the same condition; and G-d knows they’ll NEVER admit to suffering from it.

For trying to open the eyes of women everywhere and begin their liberation process of their bitchiness so they can become more endearing to those around them, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.




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I’m glad I’m a Book Reviewer as it helps me keep part of my attention off of my OH who’s still in REHAB and who I’d love to have back in my arms and in our bed, sleeping next to me.  We had so many plans with both of us being retired now.

I’m slowly moving towards increasing my presence on the internet which I’ve neglected to do because of ALL the things which have transpired since just before the beginning of the New Year. One of these things is I’ve consented to be interviewed on a blog, something which I haven’t done for a year, if not more. Will let you know when the interview goes LIVE.

In the past week, as you can tell following my blog, I’ve reviewed four books from four different genres.  Right now I’ve got two books in my possession waiting to be read/reviewed with four more books yet to be received. My reviewer ranking has improved once again since last week.

I truly would love to get back to all of my writing endeavors which I see finally happening the beginning of next month.

THANKS AGAIN for being here and have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


BOOK REVIEW # 2015-071 – DREAM OF ME [Book 1]

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I received a signed copy of this from the author through a internet giveaway and the following is my honest opinion for the book.

As I read this book by Quinn Loftis, being a child of the 1950’s I couldn’t help but hear Mr. Sandman by the Chordettes echoing in my mind. If you read the lyrics for the beginning of the song you’ll see why.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen

Give him two lips like roses and clover

Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over

Sandman, I’m so alone

Don’t have nobody to call my own

Please turn on your magic beam

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

In his story the Sandman [Dair] while he does have tasks he must fulfill in regards to his newest project, Serenity, he’s totally enthralled by her beauty, both her outer and inner. However, given he’s immortal Dair doesn’t really have any lonesome nights, but he does fill her nights with his captivating presence. Dair is the type of man every woman dreams of having as their own, especially with the sound of his voice and the way he interacts with Serenity.

I found the storyline to quite sweet and full of innocence as she has never had any sort of relationship with the opposite sex before and he has never experienced the emotion of love before.  But the book is not all this, to complete the dichotomy there are moments of sadness and evil which brings everything into balance.

I believe this book should be classified more as a NA [New Adult] rather than a YA [Young Adult] due to the nature of some of the things which transpire. The writing is quite good in its completeness and the emotions which it skillfully elicits from those who read this book. For the dreams this book creates for its readers living the fantasy which is the story I’m giving it 5 STARS.






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I bought a copy of this book to support this author who I’ve come to know through the same internet support group we both belong to and the following is my honest opinion for this endeavor by Ms. Jules.

This book gives sound advice to all MOMMIES who want to change the way they’d been treated [imagined they’d been treated] by their mothers so their daughters won’t feel the same way about them growing up.  This book also helps the mothers of today better understand the reasons for their mother’s actions towards them.

I feel the title of this book is exclusionary.

The reason I’m saying this is quite simple as it tends to exclude ALL of the single fathers in the world who are attempting to raise one or more girls, without having the experience of being one themselves.  And while this book deals with raising daughters many of the points the author has made I feel are also applicable towards their sons.

For the sound advice she has given her readers, I’m awarding Ms. Jules 5 STARS.



BOOK REVIEW # 2015-069 – FREDDIE and BIBELLE: An Extraordinary Encounter

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I received a signed copy of this book from the author through a giveaway on Goodreads and the following is my honest opinion for the book.

“Freddie and Bibelle” is a quintessential book which children should read as one of their first books. The book’s wonderful color illustrations the book contains which will fascinate its young readers, the language used by the author is quite clear and simple for them to understand as well.

Besides being a fun read, this book also communicates the important life lessons about the true meaning of friendship and helping others in a manner which doesn’t hit the child over the head with its message, nor is the book talking down to the child. Either one of these two things could easily turn the child off; resulting in these lessons being easily lost.

For wanting to educate our young children regarding these lessons, how can I not give this book 5 STARS.




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Any woman who’s been in a relationship which can best be described as being troublesome, regardless of the reason can easily see why Lainey had chosen to have a night of escapism and engage in a wanton act of infidelity.

Miles away from her small town, where everyone who knew each other as well as their business, Lainey encounters Walker and they share a one-night stand of unforgettable memories. Who knew that shortly after this that their paths would cross again when he moves to New Hope to move into his late great-aunt’s home and takes a job in the town’s police department?

When the police chief has a picnic Lainey and Walker encounter each other again and he realizes the shocking truth, Lainey’s is his boss’ wife. Secrets abound almost everywhere, but the first one he wants to know is hers.

As a police officer, Walker is interested in finding out why people have suddenly started to die. The problem is his boss doesn’t want him to work on the case and belittles the deaths by brushing them aside. Is his boss hiding secrets?

The passion the two main characters have for each is far from being denied, yet despite their circumstances they’re willing to risk everything. Can these two lovers uncover the secrets in the town before a merciless individual can extinguish any hope for happiness?

While the storyline as crafted by Ms. Hale keeps you glued to her book, the book could use some additional editing to tighten it up which is why I’m giving this book 4 STARS.




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I’m glad my OH is in REHAB now and closer to home but I’d rather it would have been in a better facility, as it had been first one to offer acceptance for the admission.

Things are finally beginning to fall in place as I’d read/reviewed the last book I’d received from the multitude of giveaways I’d won recently. I now have about five book I’m waiting to received which is allowing to return reading books which have been written by members of the internet support group I belong to. These are the ONLY two sources I get the books I review as I don’t accept requests to review books.

I’ve decided to take some more time off from doing any work on the current writing endeavors to totally clean our apartment and catch up with doing some laundry; luckily I’ve got lots of clothes to wear.

I’m happy to report my current Amazon Reviewer Ranking is now at 8,137 with a 97% approval rating for 131 reviews. 

THANKS AGAIN and have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


BOOK REVIEW # 2015-067 – SOULS: A Novel


This is the second book by Jennifer Hinsman I’ve had the pleasure of reading/reviewing. The first had been “Angel of Death” which I’d won through an internet giveaway.

I’d enjoyed reading this book and the fact the author didn’t disappoint me as some of the same elements which drew me and probably others as well into the storyline of her other book are present here as well. Both of her books share having a murder, the mystery surrounding it, and a romance between the protagonist and some great looking guy; however this time the erotic element is gone which I felt was great.

I love having Ann becoming a cougar and falling in love with a much younger man who I estimate to be about ten years her junior. The book is loaded with suspense and enough twists to keep you wanting to read the next page and the next, right up to the totally unexpected one when Ann finally deduces who had been her twin sister’s murderer.

With a storyline which had me riveted reading the KINDLE Edition until the last page, how can I not give Ms Hinsman the 5 STARS I’m giving her?



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