I’d won a copy this book as part of a giveaway offered by Patty Blount and as I always do when I receive such a book I give my honest opinion for it. In this case it’s the novella she’d written for this anthology. 

I found the other three novellas written by other authors to be quite endearing, with each one telling a tale which only could have taken place in one of the best cities for the Christmas holidays, New York. Memories of a love from years ago, trust, forgiveness, a rekindled affair are all elements which went into these three stories. There’s an entire spectrum of emotions in these pages, emotions which pull you in as you can almost sense what the characters are going through.

As for the novella written by Ms. Blount there is a definite kismet which has taken place between the two main characters, Elena Larsen and Lucas Adair. They paths had cross several years before at the yearly remembrance which is held for families of those that had perish on 9/11. Both share the loss of their mothers and all the memories which go along with it. While Lucas has gotten over the grief for the most part with all the volunteering he’s done, Elena still carries it with her and hasn’t allowed herself to trust others even the one she’s close to and loves. These two almost share a past surrounding a crystal snowflake. With Christmas being the season of love and hope, can these two individuals connect with each other and start a relationship.

I truly loved what each of these four stories which is why I’m giving Ms. Blount and the other three authors 5 STARS for the endeavors they’ve written here.

US:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/194224004X

UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/194224004X