This is the second book by Jennifer Hinsman I’ve had the pleasure of reading/reviewing. The first had been “Angel of Death” which I’d won through an internet giveaway.

I’d enjoyed reading this book and the fact the author didn’t disappoint me as some of the same elements which drew me and probably others as well into the storyline of her other book are present here as well. Both of her books share having a murder, the mystery surrounding it, and a romance between the protagonist and some great looking guy; however this time the erotic element is gone which I felt was great.

I love having Ann becoming a cougar and falling in love with a much younger man who I estimate to be about ten years her junior. The book is loaded with suspense and enough twists to keep you wanting to read the next page and the next, right up to the totally unexpected one when Ann finally deduces who had been her twin sister’s murderer.

With a storyline which had me riveted reading the KINDLE Edition until the last page, how can I not give Ms Hinsman the 5 STARS I’m giving her?