Any woman who’s been in a relationship which can best be described as being troublesome, regardless of the reason can easily see why Lainey had chosen to have a night of escapism and engage in a wanton act of infidelity.

Miles away from her small town, where everyone who knew each other as well as their business, Lainey encounters Walker and they share a one-night stand of unforgettable memories. Who knew that shortly after this that their paths would cross again when he moves to New Hope to move into his late great-aunt’s home and takes a job in the town’s police department?

When the police chief has a picnic Lainey and Walker encounter each other again and he realizes the shocking truth, Lainey’s is his boss’ wife. Secrets abound almost everywhere, but the first one he wants to know is hers.

As a police officer, Walker is interested in finding out why people have suddenly started to die. The problem is his boss doesn’t want him to work on the case and belittles the deaths by brushing them aside. Is his boss hiding secrets?

The passion the two main characters have for each is far from being denied, yet despite their circumstances they’re willing to risk everything. Can these two lovers uncover the secrets in the town before a merciless individual can extinguish any hope for happiness?

While the storyline as crafted by Ms. Hale keeps you glued to her book, the book could use some additional editing to tighten it up which is why I’m giving this book 4 STARS.